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What we do

A stroke is a life-changing event. Reversing its effects can be one too.

We can't undo the stroke but we can help with the process of recovery.

IRegained is a digital neurotherapeutics (DTx) company that has developed a scientifically proven, smart, in-home digital rehabilitation system to rewire the brain through the power of neuroplasticity, empowering stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to reclaim unassisted use of their hands- it’s The MyHand™ System.

Stroke Incidences Per Year

15 M

World Wide

12 M








We want everyone who has used our MyHand™ system to say: "IRegained!"


What We Can Do For You

Our approach is function oriented: therapists treating patients with our MyHand System ask their clients to identify what task/Activity of daily living (ADL) they want to achieve (for example sign a document, hold a coffee mug, play the guitar etc.), and then set-up that specific protocol that targets that one particular function. As the patient gets better at that one task, skills gained there are transferred to other functional tasks. For example, if one user can now hold a pen, they can use this newly-recovered skill to, say, hold a toothbrush.

We want everyone who has used our MyHand™ system to say: "IRegained!"

Neuro Rehabilitation of the hand to improve function and quality of life
To enhance accessibility to all our clients irrespective of where they live
Virtual rehabilitation environments and games to facilitate hand function training
To provide greater customization of hand function training (Next Gen)


Make Your Own Opportunities

Stroke rehabilitation has continued to evolve over the last 100 years. Yet, to this day, there are limited options for patients to undergo hand function rehabilitation in the comfort of their home.

Our studies show clients were able to make significant improvements in hand function compared to traditional therapeutic techniques. Using the knowledge base on hand function problems (in individuals with stroke or brain trauma), through research in neuroscience, application of neuroplasticity for motor control recovery, advanced engineering and intelligent algorithms, we have come up with a portable, accessible, affordable, system that targets hand function recovery.


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Standing united in our dreams to help stroke patients reclaim their lives.

IRegained is a MedTech company developing novel solutions for the physical rehabilitation needs of people with disability. With a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors with hand function disability from brain injury, IRegained has developed the MyHandTM System.


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