Our Series A round of $5M USD is currently open. If you are interested, please

Raising $5M in Series A Round for Commercialization and Sales

8 million Stroke Survivors in US


100 M stroke survivors globalally needing hand rehabilitation.

Current Standard-of-Care focusses on balance, gait and Speech

No effective Intervention for Hand = Life Long disability.

Costs ~$46 billion/Year to the US Economy


The MyHandTM System

Digital Neuro-Rehab Platform for Home or Clinic use

IoMT System

Large and poorly met market.

Razor-RazorBlade Business Model
TAM = $17B, SAM = $7B, SOM = $1B
Compelling Value Proposition
Class I = Low Regulatory Barrier
Multiple Revenue Streams

IRegained: Fast Facts

IRegained is a medical device company developing novel solutions for the rehabilitation needs of people with hand function disability.

With a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors living with hand function disability. IRegained has developed the MyHand™ System – a neuroplasticity enhancing, research-driven, telemedicine-powered, clinically effective and affordable hand function rehabilitation system.

Clinic Summary

Consistent and repeated results from 3 independent studies conducted from 2021-2023

Key Highlights

Uniquely positioned to serve the unment neeed for the affordable and effective hand function therapy.
Our unique selling proposition (USP) is that we do not compete directly against any other stroke rehab solutions; rather, we complement their products by filling the large unmet need for hand function threapy.


Healthcare, science and engineering, technology, platforms, therapy, telehealth, software, medical devices, rehabilitation, stroke/neurology, musculoskeletal, neuroplasticity, telemedicine


  • TAM: $17B
  • SAM: $7B
  • SOM: $1B


Phase I: Rehabilitation Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Long-term Care Centers and Individual PTs/OTs

Phase II: Home Healthcare Agencies and Individual Stroke Patients for Home-Use

Enormous Problem

Hand function loss has a huge negative impact on quality of life. Not only that, it has a huge economic impact on the healthcare system and the society.

In 70%, of stroke survivors, the brain damage from stroke results in impaired hand function. This makes mundane tasks, such as holding a cup, combing hair or toileting almost impossible to do.

Many stroke survivors have to live with this disability for rest of their lives, often times with the help of personal support workers and caregivers.

This can lead to a reduce overall quality of life for the patient, it also costs the US healthcare system $34 billion annually, without taking into account the lost workdays and ultimetly, the reduced economic output.

Beyond Stroke, hand function loss can happen from other conditions suc as, traumatic brain injury, musculoskeletal injury, war, industrial accidents or sports related injuries, in many cases leading to life-long disability and a very poor quality of life.

Disappointing Paradigm

Recovering hand function requires targeted neuro-rehabilitation therapy with intensity and repetition for months and potentially years (10-20 sessions per week).

Furthermore, there are very few clinically validated hand-function rehabilitation devices in the market.

Those that exist are either ineffective (ex: squeeze balls, rubber bands, etc.) because they do not leverage neuroplasticity to recover control the hand, or cost prohibitive (e.g. robotic devices >$150,000) and therefore unaffordable.

Currently, with a cost of ~$120-$260 per session for hand function rehabilitation, the total incurred cost adds up to $1,200 – $5,200 per week, which is unaffordable for most people, and it has also not proven to be effective with the current tools.

One Outstanding Solution

IRegained has developed the MyHand™ System, a proprietary hand function rehabilitation system that aims to restore lost hand function in stroke or brain trauma survivors. IRegained, is proud to offer the MyHand™ System, a proprietary rehabilitation system designed to help stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors restore lost hand function.

The system leverages neuroplasticity, the human brain’s ability to ‘reprogram’ its neural pathways. Backed by 40 years of clinical and scientific research-based evidence and with guidance from accomplished rehab professionals, this system can help people with hand-function disability regain their independence.

Key Features

The MyHand™ System is:


Smart device built on intelligent and unique clinical protocols for targeted hand therapy.


IoMT-based internet-connected device with built-in IRegained app store to access engaging hand-rehab games.


Intelligent algorithms developed through deep scientific research on leveraging neuroplasticity and applying it for motor control recovery.

Built for Tele-Rehab

Integral telemedicine platform for remote rehabilitation in the comfort of patient’s home.


Demonstrated clinical efficacy in recovery of hand function.


Affordable system with attractive financing and leasing options.

Why We’ll Lead

IRegained is serving a large, poorly met market that has yet to find the solution they need to live a more functional life.

We offer a compelling value proposition for customers across the full continuum of rehabilitation care in all settings. There is 4-5 month pay back period and strong ROI for clinics, rehab hospitals and long term-care institutions. We also have other models like Lease, Financing and HaaS available to rehabilitation centers and service providers for rapidly adopting this superior technology and demonsrating better value and outcoms for their patients.

Further, COVID-19 has set a trend for expansion of remote rehabilitation and monitoring market, and IRegained's MyHand™ System was designed to cater with this setting.

MyHand™ System is already FDA registered under Class I (lower regulatory barrier = faster market development) and patent protected in US and China and patents pending in the EU, Canada and India (Strong IP = higher competitive barrier).

Traction & Accomplishments

IRegained MyHand™ System has secured significant interest of purchase from leading clinics and rehabilitation centers with just the MVP version of the system. All the participants of the MyHand™ System study and customer validation trials are interested to purchase the system, and to-date additional over 12 clinics and 10 hospitals are interested to purchase.

Raised over $3M

CAD $ 800 K in Non-Dilutive funding and more in process


FDA Registered MyHand™ System available for Commercial Sale


IRegained has established a number of key partnerships and is in the process of building a global network of strategic alliances in a number of areas including: Scientific & Clinical Collaboration, R&D, and Commercialization.
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Octane Launchpad Alumni, Irvine, CA, USA -- Accelerator

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SoCal Bio, CA, USA – Incubator

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Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA Graduate) – Accelerator Program

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University City Science Center & Launch Lane Accelerator, Philadelphia, PA, USA – Accelerator

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Ionic Mechatronics, Sudbury, ON, Canada – Hardware Development Partner

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Synaptic Technologies, Sudbury, ON, Canada – Software Development Partner

Card image cap

NORCAT, Sudbury, ON, Canada -- Incubator

Card image cap

Foundry, Innovation Centre at Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, Canada - Incubator

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Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON, Canada – Academic Research Partner

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Cambrian College, Sudbury, ON, Canada -– Academic Research Partner

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Health Sciences North and HSNRI, Sudbury, ON, Canada – Clinical Research Partner

Card image cap

Baycrest Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

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McMaster University, Sudbury, ON, Canada - – Clinical Research Partner

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Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada -- – Clinical Research Partner

Card image cap

Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel - – Clinical Research Partner

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University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas, USA - – Clinical Research Partner

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Christian Medical College & Hospital (CMC&H), Vellore, TN, India - Academic & Clinical Research Partner

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Cerner India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India – Advanced Technology Development & R&D Partner

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Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan - Clinical Research Partner

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Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, India - Clinical Research Partner

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i2i, Taipei, Taiwan - Incubator and Industry Partner

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BE Accelerator, Taipei, Taiwan - Incubator

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Wistron, Taipei, Taiwan - APAC Strategic Distribution Partner

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Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury, ON, Canada - Academic & Clinical Research Partner

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TMU Biomed Accelerator, Taipei, Taiwan - Incubator

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Tel Aviv Univeristy, Tel Aviv, Israel - Academic Research Partner

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University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, TX, USA - Academic Research Partner


Clinical & Business Advisory Expertise

Clinical and Scientific Advisors
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Dr. Jocelyn Harris (Chair, CAB)

Associate Professor, McMaster University

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Dr. Julie Vaughan Graham

Physical Therapist, Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto.

Card image cap

Dr. Yafi Levanon

Occupational Therapist, Tel Aviv University, Sheba Medical Centre, Israel

Card image cap

Dr. Jed Meltzer

Neuroscientist, Baycrest Hospital, University of Toronto

Card image cap

Dr. Shoba Moses

Clinical Occupational Therapist, Dallas, USA

Card image cap

Dr. Michael Franklyn

Prof. Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Strategic Business Advisors
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Peter Dal Bianco

Sudbury, ON Canada

Card image cap

Neelima Firth

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Card image cap

David Hood

Long Beach, CA, USA

Card image cap

Rav Sheth

Boston, MA USA

Card image cap

Chad Pallopson

Toronto, ON Canada

Card image cap

Dr. Dennis Reich

Sudbury, ON Canada


Investment Opportunity

Our Series A Round is currently open. Contact us to learn more.

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For this round, IRegained is seeking a total raise of USD $5,000,000 /CAD $ 8,000,000 to deploy resources for marketing, sales, product manufacturing and comemrcialization activities.

The funds will allow us to reach the following milestones:

  • Manufacture our FDA Registered, commercial MyHand™ System

  • Launch and distribute our MyHand™ System to all our customer leads and develop new customers through various early adopter and Loan-to-Own Programs

  • Hire key resources to market and sell the product in USA and Canada

Our anticipated use of funds includes:

Why Invest?

IRegained is on a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors regain their hand function.

We are strategically poised to serve a large, poorly met market that has yet to find the solution they needed by stroke patients to live a healthier, more functional life.

We have achieved significant milestones, despite odds and challenges from COVID-19.

And with your financial support, we can do so much more.

For more information on this investment opportunity, please contact:

Vineet Johnson, CEO

  • vineet@iregained.ca
  • +1.807.355.6979
  • iregained.ca

Standing united in our dreams to help stroke patients reclaim their lives.

IRegained Inc. is a MedTech company developing novel solutions for the physical rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities. With a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors who have hand function impairment, IRegained has developed the MyHand™ System.


Head and R&D

NORCAT, 1545 Maley Drive,
Sudbury, ON, P3A 4R7