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 Bringing HOPE to stroke patients

Sudbury technology helping people recover from stroke

April 2021

A Sudbury company is moving ahead with an important system to help patients – globally – in recovery from brain injury.

The MyHandTM System can help patients recover from hand function disability and live independently

The Class I device, a low cost/high efficacy solution from IRegained Inc

February 2021

IRegained has developed the MyHandTM System, a proprietary MedTech rehabilitation system intended to help a patient improve/regain hand function following a stroke, by leveraging the human brain’s inherent ability to heal itself (neuroplasticity)

IRegained Inc on CBC North

August 2020

A Sudbury start-up medical company has a new device that can help stroke survivors regain movement in their hands.

IRegained Inc at Open People Network Pitch

May 2020

IRegained is a MedTech company that has developed the MyHandTM System, a proprietary targeted hand function rehabilitation system

IRegained Inc Graduated from Octane LaunchPad

April 2020

Its official, IRegained is a proud Octane LaunchPad Alumni


IRegained Inc is a member of Better way alliance

March 2020

A tweet from Better Way Alliance

IRegained is an innovative Sudbury, ON company making devices to improve the lives of stroke patients. We are thrilled to welcome them as a business member supporting better labour standards

IRegained Inc at Keiretsu Forum

February 2020

IRegained Inc @ Keiretsu Forum, February 2020

IRegained Inc at Medtech 2019, Boston USA

December 2019

21 Ontario companies attending MedTech 2019

The products and services offered by IRegained address the physical rehabilitation needs, primarily hand function, of people who sustained a brain injury caused by a stroke or accident and were left with an impaired ability to use their hands.

IRegained Inc featured on Dealmaker Tech.

November 2019

This edition of Deals Deconstructed showcases IRegained Inc., a Canadian medical technology company transforming hand function rehabilitation for victims of brain injury from stroke or trauma. Read on to learn how DealMaker helped IRegained accelerate their capital raise.

IRegained Inc pitch at Northern Ontario Angels, Timmins, Ontario

October 2019

A pitch about the MyHand device from IRegained

In the video, you see proof of improvement in the ability to use hand of a stroke patient.

IRegained Inc featured on March of Dimes

September 2019

The CEO and cofounder of IRegained, a medical device company that’s making waves in home healthcare. Focusing on neuroplasticity, Johnson developed a portable, low-cost device for stroke patients to recover hand function.

IRegained Inc featured on Northern Ontario Business

August 2019

Iregained and its cofounder find a home in Sudbury.
Physio meets neuroscience in innovative, accessible stroke rehabilitation device

IRegained Inc featured on

Jun 2019

 IRegained, a Canadian medical device company based in Sudbury, has closed a $250,000 seed investment round led by the NORCAT Innovation Angels and Northern Ontario Angels.

IRegained develops proprietary technology to help stroke victims recover and improve hand function.


IRegained Inc at Northern Ontario Angels Pitch Night in Sudbury, Ontario

May 2019

 IRegained has a solution that helps people who have sustained a brain injury from stroke regain hand function that is lost due to the trauma. CEO Vineet Johnson demonstrates IRegained’s MyHand Device, which helps to rebuild and retrain the fine-motor control in the hand and fingers.

IRegained Inc closes the seed round funding

May 2019

IRegained Closes $250,000 Angel Round to Help Stroke Victims Regain Hand Function

IRegained Inc at Lakeridge IO, Spark Angel Network

November 2018

Spark Angels and Lakeridge Health hosted the first ever AccessIO event! The concept behind the event was connections that will drive business forward, with the hopes of opening the door for new partnership opportunities and innovation initiatives.  

IRegained Inc. was one of the companies that pitched at the event.