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from the heart  – Are you curious to know how our technology can have an impact?

Listen to one of the participants in a 2016 trial talking about his experience with an early research version of the IRegained hand function device.

“Like I say I uh- My gut feeling is,
if you had that thing right away, in the hospital, like right beside your bed, it would have helped me a lot.”

“…in Thunder Bay,
we need a clinic like this for stroke survivors to provide hand function therapy!”

“I had a lot of help, hold my fingers in place and uh,
encouragement, they were very patient with my hearing.”

Clinicians words

Stroke care

“Stroke care has come a long way in the past 20 years with the introduction of tPA and endovascular therapy in the emergency department resulting in dramatically improved outcomes for patients. However, in the world of stroke rehabilitation we are still using therapies and techniques developed decades ago to work on hand mobility and function. Our team was very excited when, a few years ago, Dr. Vineet Johnson conducted a study of the “MyHand” in our community and found that clients were able to make significant improvements in hand function that we weren’t able to achieve with traditional therapy techniques. Since getting this taste of what’s possible, we are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to work with our latest stroke clients using this device, as we’ve seen what gains can be made by clients who have the chance to use it. We hope that Vineet has the opportunity to study the potential for this device to help clients make greater gains in their hand function, and look forward to seeing and experiencing the results for our clients!”

Stephanie Schurr, O.T. Reg. (Ont.) Outpatient Neurology Rehabilitation St. Joseph’s Hospital, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada