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How we are changing lives by restoring hand function.

How We are Changing Lives

A stroke or traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event. Reversing its effects can be one too. We can’t undo the stroke but we can help with the process of recovery.

The products and services offered by IRegained, address the physical rehabilitation needs (primarily hand function) of people who have sustained a brain injury caused by a stroke, traumatic brain injury or accident and have been left with an impaired ability to use their hand(s).

Neuro-rehabilitation system for the hand

The MyHand System is a post-stroke rehabilitation life changer. It is an IoMT based, tele-medicine powered, smart medical device system that is not only clinically effective but also affordable and accessible for use by anyone with hand function disability anywhere in the world. The system comprises a precision engineered mechatronic system combined with intelligent algorithms and engaging games that stimulate a phenomenon called "neuroplasticity", the human brain's inherent ability to reprogram its neural pathways and re-learn, thus recovering lost motor control of the hand. In addition, it is an IoMT System with a telemedicine platform that allows the user to connect with a rehabilitation professional anywhere in the world using existing, LTE/4G/5G/WiFi Networks. The MyHand™ portable smart device System is intended for people who have lost the function of their hand due to stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can also be used by war veterans and people with industrial hand injuries.

MyHand system is comprised of:

  • The MyHand™ portable device
  • Easy to use tablet interfaces
  • 16 proprietary hand training protocols
  • Interactive Games
  • Telemedicine Platform

MyHand™ System -

Life changing Digital Neurotherapeutics (DTx) Solution.

  • Innovative patent-pending mechatronic technology with precision-controlled finger motion actuation, tracking and monitoring
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) platform with cloud server connectivity through eSIM/OTA/4G/5G/LTE/ networks for remote patient rehabilitation.
  • Advanced design concepts that will deliver high rehabilitation value at an extremely low cost.
  • Digital twinning and edge technologies in animated finger motion display
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven clinical data analytics on hand function metrics for future personalized rehabilitation.
  • Integrated telemedicine APIs for seamless operation on 4G, LTE/5G/ WiFi and other network infrastructure currently available in developing countries.
  • Engaging Games, Gamified Interfaces, Game development technologies for increased engagement & therapy adherence.

Taking your Therapy to The Next Level

The Challenge from stroke

Stroke is a life changing event, both for the person who suffers the disease as well as for those who are obliged to care for the survivor. In 70% of stroke survivors, the brain damage from stroke causes some level of paralysis in the hand.

Just imagine having to depend on someone for basic daily living activities like eating, toileting and personal care for the rest of your life?

How does system work?

How does this impact you?

Our approach is function oriented: a clinician asks a patient to identify what it is they want to achieve (for example sign a document, hold a coffee mug, play the guitar etc.). The clinician, using the graphical interface on the supplied clinician tablet selects a hand training protocol that as closely as possible targets that hand / finger function. As the client gets better at that one task, skills gained are built upon cumulatively to achieve other, more challenging, functional tasks in response to the clinician selecting from the list of other available hand training protocols.
For example, if a patient can now hold a pen, she/he can use this newly recovered skill to, say, hold a toothbrush.


Digital Neuro Therapeutics(DTx) through our MyHand System

Why we are different?

We offer a System that is:

  • Intelligent: Smart algorithms device built on proven clinical protocols for targeted hand therapy
  • Connected: Internet-connected with an app store to access engaging hand-rehab games
  • Neuroplasticity Enhancing: Based on deep scientific research on neuroplasticity for motor control recovery
  • Tele-Rehab Enabled: Built-in telemedicine platform for remote rehabilitation and clinician supervision
  • Effective: Proven clinical efficacy in recovery of hand function
  • Affordable: For patients and clinics with attractive financing & leasing Options
  • Designed for Home-use: One of the very few rehabilitation systems that can be effectively used in the comfort of home.
  • Easy to use: Both for clinician and patient
  • Simple to set-up: Ready to use out of the box

The MyHand™ system offers finger cups in various sizes to accommodate a patient’s specific finger and thumb size. In addition, the cup orientation can be controlled to accommodate for patient specific abilities.

IRegained MyHand™ System: Finger insertion module Representative Image (the commercial device may vary)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This process will involve:

  • Initial clinician assessment to determine general health status and hand function ability.
  • Identifying a patient’s initial goal, in consultation with the clinician..
  • Establishing a set of hand training exercise regimens specific to the patient.
  • Identifying immediate, short-term and long-term goals.
  • Creating a structured exercise program for the patient, with a follow-up plan.
IRegained is working at producing the commercial version of our system and anticipates that we will be shipping systems in Q3 of 2022.

To attain the patient's goal:

  • Fundamental components for each segment are identified.
  • Methodology for each segment will focus on processes that promote greater neuroplasticity (meaning that the brain will improve its capacity to rewire itself and to generate new neural pathways to replace those damaged by a stroke or brain injury).
  • The MyHand™ device physical parameters (e.g. height, arm / wrist support etc.) are adjusted to suit patient needs and comfort.
  • Appropriate feedback systems are put in place.
  • We have leveraged an extensive understanding of neuroplasticity and post stroke or traumatic brain injury to develop and validate 16 distinct hand function protocols targeting various hand functions and associated activities of daily living (ADL).

A patient in their first meeting with their clinician (physiotherapist or occupational therapist), identifies an initial desired activity of daily living hand function goal.

The clinician will then perform a detailed assessment of current hand abilities and function. Based on the identified goal, the clinician will prescribe the appropriate exercises built into each MyHand device, to help with the hand training process to ensure patients reach their goal.

Please check out the "Clinics offering therapy using MyHand" webpage from time to time; we will be posting the names and contact info of the physiotherapy clinics that will be offering rehabilitation services using our system.

This natural phenomenon of the brain to reorganize itself, extends to both individuals who are healthy and for those who have sustained an injury to the brain. If and when there is damage to one or more parts of the brain, due to stroke or trauma, the affected brain cells die and unlike other cells in the body cannot regrow. The good news however, is that, appropriate training methods can enable other nearby brain cells to start learning the new function, which the dead cells used to perform. This is achieved by creating new synaptic connections (or new connections between the existing brain cells), and thereby creating alternative neural pathways, which then can enable the performing of the function(s) that was lost as a result of stroke or trauma. The recovery of the lost function can be complete or partial depending on the extent of damage sustained by the brain and is very much dependent on the rehabilitation program followed by the stroke survivor.

Standing united in our dreams to help stroke patients reclaim their lives.

IRegained is a MedTech company developing novel solutions for the physical rehabilitation needs of people with disability. With a mission to help 100 million stroke survivors with hand function disability from brain injury, IRegained has developed the MyHandTM System.


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